About Us

Established in 2008 by Jason Bridger, CAVSOL was developed in order to fill a gap sorely lacking in technological optimisation of building projects — designing and managing technical solutions to create workable, effective solutions.

CAVSOL offer end-to-end solutions from design, consulting and custom specification to project management, training and system evaluation. CAVSOL are also available for commissioning, full system checks, system analysis and assessment, audits and warrants of fitness.

“Too many technology services in a project where there is lack of communication and expertise in their integration leaves customers confused and frustrated, and often results in the products misuse and underperformance” says Jason Bridger, Senior Consultant.

Jason has been involved in the electrical industry for over 25 years. His passion for audio visual — in particular the results that can be achieved through the optimisation of system design and installation — resulted in his increased involvement and eventual move to this area where he has now been involved for over 18 years.

Jason found that many projects he came across had failed to leave the customer feeling like they had a simple product to use and wanted to created a solution based around the end user, thus CAVSOL was founded.

Jason has been involved in the design, consultation and management of installation MATV systems for many high profile projects including the Delloite Centre, AMP and PWC buildings, as well as providing specifications and drawings for Manukau City Council.

The experience and expertise contributed by Jason enables the subtle differences in the performance of a system to be recognised and implemented. Often these subtle differences can be overlooked due to the lack of co-ordination, information product knowledge and experience.

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